Cleveland Bridge – M4 Bridge Installation

During a weekend closure of the M4, we were asked to document the process of a large-scale bridge installation, delivering a short project video and detailed documentation photography to Cleveland Bridge for use as promotional content. For two days, with full equipment (including a drone) at the ready, we were ready to capture footage of this monumental construction project.

With both ground-based photography and full-scale video required for this project, it was crucial to approach this 48-hour shoot methodically. Over the two days, we provided a two man crew on alternating shift patterns, allowing us to follow the continuous work being completed on location while capturing a multitude of content – in both media types – throughout the process.

The team at Cleveland Bridge hoped to use the final footage for client communication, through online brochures and their client-facing website. With us needing a large amount of imagery and video, it was important to ensure we had full access on site. For this, we acquired CSCS certification and permits from Balfour Beatty, helping us to traverse the site without escort and allowing us to use a drone for aerial footage respectively.

With the visuals captured, we then had a two week turnaround time for our editing process before delivering all final shots to an ecstatic team at Cleveland Bridge. 

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