Motion Graphics Services

Motion Graphics engage and incite through digital objects and scenes that cannot be captured in the real world. We combine 2D and 3D computer generated elements in a variety of services, as well as offering immersive viewing technologies for interactive projects.


Motion Graphics enables our clients to visualise concepts, products and architecture through 3D Modelling, Animated Corporate Video and Virtual and Augmented Reality.

We are always keen to be at the precipice of digital media and to push its boundaries through innovative and creative products.


Virtual and Augmented Reality are new movements in digital media. Virtual Reality positions the viewer within a digitized environment, creating a fully immersive experience. Augmented Reality brings the digital world into the real, using technology to view 3D objects as if they are right in front of you.

"The projects that we undertake are very often complex and located at remote locations across the UK. The team are quickly able to understand the challenges that we face on each project and to find the best way to portray this for us. We would highly recommend Middlebrook Media as a first choice for anyone requiring professional visual media."




We are asked by the American based company to create a set of motion graphics videos that explain their products and what advantages their customers have by choosing to buy from them.