Professional Video Production

Video is a powerful platform for connecting with an audience, communicating services, and illustrating a company’s brand. We appreciate that every company and demographic requires a unique approach, we tailor our bespoke service to the client, breaking down the production process with milestones and review points, and providing guidance into strategy and reach.

Captivate & Connect

In a fast paced, digital age, video is a great tool to captivate an audience. It’s 80% more likely to engage an audience than written material, as it asks less from the viewer, and it’s ability to capture multiple senses sustains a connection with the audience and leaves a memorable impression

A wider reach online

The power of utilising video on digital platforms, or alongside marketing campaigns, is no mystery. Social media algorithms are designed to direct their audience towards video content, appreciating the higher engagement rate that video has over standalone text. This immediately gives a company wider reach online when using video, and confidence that it will enhance their campaign through views and response.

Bespoke Solutions

At Middlebrook Media we offer bespoke, video solutions. We value bespoke services and appreciate the benefit of tailoring each video to the company and audience, to ensure the client’s brand is strongly reflected and their objectives met. We also recognise video as a highly creative, successful solution to achieving multiple goals, utilising quality cinema equipment to produce innovative work that retains attention and achieves results.

Your input

We allow our service to be moulded by the client’s needs, enabling them as much or little input of their time, as we appreciate the desire to be creatively involved as well as the importance of the client’s own work.

"Middlebrook Media have provided my organisation with a variety of media solutions over the past 18 months, all have been high quality and offer great value for money. Hopefully there are more projects to come in the future."

Nortech Online Ltd


Neg Earth

Having recently completed this building development for Neg Earth, our client asked us to create a video focusing on the design & details of the building to use as examples of their work in future project pitches and to put the project forward for construction awards.